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Biography Of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

  • Sham-al-Din Abu Abd Allah Muhammad Bin Abi Bakr Bin Ayyub Bin Saad Hariz Bin ZarI Al-Dimasyqi
  • Known as Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah because his father  was the principal of the Al-Jawziyyah school in Damacus
  • He was born on the 7th of Safar in the year 691H (1292CE)
  • Was raised in a house of knowledge and excellence
  • Received a comprehensive Islamic  Education from his father ,centered around Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic theology and Ulum al-Hadith from an early age.
  • He attained great proficiency many branches of knowledge tafsir,Hadith,ushuul,Fiqh,Arab language,ilm-al-kalam, tasawwuf, ilm-al-akidah, history, philosophy.
  • Expert in literature, ilm-an-nahu and process a poem.
  • He passed on to  the mercy of his lord at latter time of isya’ on the night of Thursday 13th of Rajab in the year 751H and was buried at the foot of Mount  Qasiyun by Damascus

  • His father, Abu Bakr  Ibn Abd ad-Daim , Shihaab al-Abir, Taqiyyud-Deen Sulaiman, Safiyyud-Deen al-Hindee , Ismail Ibn Muhammad al-Harranee, Fatimah Binti Jawhar ,Muhammad Ibn Abdul –Fath al Balabaki and others.
  • The most notable of his teacher  was Ibn Taymiyyah

  • Ibn Kathir,Zayn al-Din Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali,Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani and others.

  • Leaving behind many written works in tafsir,hadith,kalam and philosophy,tasawwuf,history,fiqh and become references in this time.
  • Five acpect of Ibn Qayyim thought in economy was Islamic economic  philosophy,differences between riches and poverty,the importance of zakat,Riba’,and  market mechanism  and price.
  • He thought in Islamic economy of philosophy about concept to the path of justice,ethics in economy,activities of economy,cooperation and division of labor, wealth ownership by individuals , and the role of government in the economy.

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